Monday, December 1, 2008


This blog is only going to be for friends and family, but I'm going to start out with an introduction anyway. My name is Brianne, I'm 19 years old, I have blonde hair and green eyes, and I am a proud member of the Turner family. I have a mom, Julie, a dad, John, an older sister, Tiffany, a brother-in-law, Matthew, a beautiful niece, Skye, and two crazy little brothers, Joshua, and Nathan. I currently work at RadioShack, for lack of a better option, and I live at home for the moment. I want to someday be a psychologist and give therapy to teenagers who need it. I also hope to be a best selling author...or at least to get published. I guess that's step one. I like to read, write, horseback ride, dance, sing, play the piano, and I'm a big movie watcher. The things I love most though are just hanging out playing Scrabble with my family or watching little Skye do 'tummy time'. You'd be amazed just how interesting that is. I think that's a good start and it's 1 a.m., so until next time, be safe and know you're loved.