Friday, August 7, 2009

Branching Out

You know what? Life doesn't suck so much anymore. Well, my grandpa just died, but all that upsetting news aside, life is...better. I got a new job and FINALLY quit RadioShack for good. My sister is giving me her car, so I can FINALLY get around without begging my parents for permission. My cousin wants me to move in with her so I can FINALLY be my own person without my mother constantly glaring over my shoulder. Things seem to be looking up for me. I've decided I'm just gonna try to have a better attitude about things. The other day, my adorable little niece turned one and was walking all over the place and I was like, holy crap where has time gone? She's so big! And it made me realize that I don't have time to be depressed and ornery all the time. Life is like, SUPER short and I wanna live it the way I know will make me happy instead of inforcing my depressed attitude by thinking about only depressing things. So what if I don't have a boyfriend who loves me? So what if the boyfriend I do have only wants to break up with me? So what if I don't have any friends cause they've all forgotten me? So what if I'll never get to dance with my grandpa at my wedding...a wedding that will more than likely never happen? So what if the sister I adore and try everything to get her to like me actually hates me unless I'm doing something for her? So what if my mom bursts into tears every two minutes, my dad screams at me, and my little brother seems more and more belligerent? So what? So what is now I just made myself depressed. This whole happiness thing is harder than I thought....

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